In chapter 4 caree had been killed and the only witness was the maid servant I found this out because it says in one of the sentence that a maid was the only servant in the house at the time.

the tree is made out of his hate the tree is watered when he feels so this shows that the tree is made out of his angry and hate. If he’s foe did not eat the apple he would not have died but his foe did not know that the apple was made out of […]

Adults are scared of teens because society has given them a bad reputation. Generalisations and stereotypes are damaging society because they are making a Self-fulfilling prophecy. At one point all these people where teenagers as well so I don’t understand why people say that teens are yobs how would they like it if they were […]

The writer presents young people negatively through their use of language. ’30 youths viciously assaulted a Birkenhead Dad’ this describes young people as bad people. I do not agree with the statements above because they are wrong and they put the wrong thing in people’s minds so they are scared of teenagers Adults are scared […]

Albert poetry from Joel North on Vimeo.

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The writer of this article exaderates the article by saying that some people are always on there phone and never look about and enjoy life. “Life is nothing more than an overly complex support system for the real deal witch is happening right there in your hand,” this is basically saying that your phone is […]

Act 4 scene 3 remember March the ides of March remember did not great julins bleed for justices sake

Antony personality has changed because he is a lot sader than he was before when ceaser was alive j